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Kris Gurrad (ABC/KATU-TV) demonstrates using Master Control with the NewTek TriCaster.
John Powell demonstrates using Master Control with the NewTek TriCaster.

Mark Cottington of the Pittsburgh Penguins talks about using Master Control... "Overall it's been a vital piece of equipment in our productions."
SportsCaster Pro in action. This production is from a university football webcast, created by one operator using the system live for the very first time - with actions cued by listening to the commentator. It shows off the built-in automation functionalities, as well as the flexibility available to perform actions when you choose. "I knew next to nothing about football scoring. SportsCaster made it look like I knew what I was doing. And it did so easily. When I didn't do things right, it was easily corrected, and still looked like I knew what I was doing."

NAB 2013: Master Control at Graphics Outfitters' booth. All the synchronization of the transitions, scoreboard, replay, and telestration was controlled by Master Control. We even created a beautiful implementation of the telestrated replay in a virtual set (not shown here) - whipped up in a few minutes on Master Control at the request of a curious NAB attendee. The instant replay was done by Master Control using the third generation of our original Instant Replay for TriCaster.

Leading broadcasters, sports, media, and other organizations rely on our flexible software and robust technology every day. We make it easier for them to add creative polish to their productions, and be on time - every time.
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